Take it from someone who’s seen it before: the iOS 15 “child safety” fiasco could be a sign that the End Time has arrived.

About 10 years ago, after landing at the airport in Toronto, I was taken aside for questioning at the immigration counter.

“We see that you keep coming in and out of the country for a few days. What are you doing in Canada?”

“Well, I’m advising a friend on what to do with his business.”

“Umm, okay… So, who is this ‘friend,’ and what is his ‘business?’”

“His name is Mike Lazaridis, and he runs a company called Research In Motion.”

A few seconds pass, and another immigration officer walks over. …

The Olympics composer scandal provides the world with a tiny glimpse of the biggest problem facing the Japanese economy.

Prior to the opening ceremony of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, one of the big news stories was the resignation of the event’s musical composer. As reported by Japanese national broadcaster NHK, the story went like this:

[Keigo] Oyamada resigned as a composer for the ceremony on Monday, saying that his decision to accept the job was inconsiderate.

At the center of the controversy are decades-old magazine interviews in which he spoke of abusing his classmates and others, including students with disabilities.

I’ve recently spent quite a bit of time in Japan; not as a tourist or “fan of Japanese culture,”…

Many years ago, I went to a dinner party hosted by a super-successful real estate developer. The developer and I were good friends, so he didn’t care too much as I listened in while he discussed his latest project with his mega-developer friends.

“I’m like a mouse! I just slowly nibble away at all of the properties surrounding the project, without anyone noticing. Just nibble, nibble, nibble...”

The group laughed as my friend went around in a circle, pretending to be a mouse, nibbling away at things. I laughed, but I was also concerned for my friend. It wasn’t exactly…

From a long-lost friend.

Whenever someone well-respected or successful passes away, there’s always a million glowing, positive stories about them. People who knew the deceased after they gained their fame or success will always come out and tell you how great the person was. As someone who’s spent quite a bit of time around “respected,” “successful” people, I can tell you that most of these glowing, positive accounts hide the fact that a lot of these people were actually terrible, especially to those who weren’t “on their level.” …

In a bygone era, 15 years ago, I was your typical “Silicon Valley insider.” I knew the right people, got invited to the right conferences, was a source for the right journalists. Then, somehow, for some reason, I started to do everything possible to distance myself from that world and those people. I seemed uninterested in collecting stock that was promised to me that, at today’s valuation, would be worth somewhere north of half a billion dollars. Instead, I began taking up a life of an outsider, operating as though I knew nothing and no one.


I’ve heard a…

Numair Faraz

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